Managing Holiday Entitlements

When your company account is created, holiday years are created for the current and next year and the first employee on your account will have corresponding holiday entitlements for those two years (set to a default of 25 days).

Each time you add a new employee, holiday entitlements are created for them for the then current and next holiday years.

You can edit holiday entitlements by going to the individual employee record and scrolling down to the entitlements section.

Holiday entitlements can be edited and notes attached to each edit so that an audit trail is kept of changes to an employee's entitlement. You cannot reduce the entitlement below the total of all booked holidays.

Adding additional holiday entitlements is done by adding a new holiday year at the account level. This will create the corresponding entitlements for your employees. Each new entitlement will use the employee's current entitlement as a default.

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