Integrating with Google Workspace

You can sign in to Leavetrack using your Google Workspace account. If you sign in using a Google Workspace account, you can easily import other employees who have an account in the same Workspace. This greatly simplifies setting up users in Leavetrack.

Single Sign On

You cannot use single-sign-on with a personal Gmail account.

Setting up is as easy as clicking on the "Sign in with Google" button on the login or signup screen. When you click this button, what happens depends on the current state as regards your organisation and account.

Your organisation does not have an account with Leavetrack

This is a new signup and clicking "Sign in with Google" will create a new account for your organisation using your Google Workspace organisation name and create an account for you.

Your organisation has an account but you do not

This will create a new account for you and associate you to your organisation based on information provided by Google.

Your organisation and you have an account

This will sign you into your existing account using your Google credentials.

Leavetrack requests the following permissions from your Google Account:

  • read your profile and email to set up your account using your name, email address and photo; and
  • directory read-only access to find other users in your Google Workspace account.

Importing Users from Google Workspace

To use this feature an administrator on your Google Workspace account must have enabled directory sharing. Read this article for more information:

Go to Account > Users and click on the Import from Google Workspace button. Step one outlines what will happen.

Click on Import Employees from Google Workspace and this will retrieve all employees in the same workspace. Leavetrack only displays users who are not currently set up in your account.

Employee photos, names and email addresses will be shown and you should check the box of the employees you wish to import into Leavetrack. Clicking Finalise Import will create the records in Leavetrack.

At this time, only employee names, email addresses and photos are imported. If you would like to see more data imported, please let us know.

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