Integrating with Slack

Leavetrack offers two distinct integrations with Slack:

  • Single Sign On
  • Installation of Leavetrack into your Slack Workspace

Single Sign On

Single sign on offers a way to login to Leavetrack using your Slack credentials rather than remembering a separate username and password.

Setting up is as easy as clicking on the "Sign in with Slack" button on the login or signup screen. When you click this button, what happens depends on the current state as regards your organisation and account.

Your organisation does not have an account with Leavetrack

This is a new signup and clicking "Sign in with Slack" will create a new account for your organisation using your Slack Team Name and create an account for you.

Your organisation has an account but you do not

This will create a new account for you and associate you to your organisation based on information provided by Slack.

Your organisation and you have an account

This will sign you into your existing account using your Slack credentials

Installing Leavetrack to your Slack Workspace

Installing Leavetrack to your Slack Workspace will add the following features to Slack:

  • approvers who use single sign on will receive leave requests by direct message from Leavetrack. These requests can be approved and rejected from Slack.
  • employees who use single sign on will receive notification of approvals/rejections by direct message.
  • a daily update is sent to a channel of your choice with a summary of who is on leave.

To install Leavetrack to your Slack Workspace, an admin needs to go to Account > Integrations and click "Add to Slack".

This will request the necessary Slack permissions to install Leavetrack to your Workspace.

You can remove the Slack integration at any time from within Slack by deauthorising the application.

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