Leave Types

Administrators can customise the types of leave that employees can book and enable/disable certain types as business needs dictate.

Go to Account > Leave Types

Click the Add New Leave Typein the top right to add a leave type.

Add a description for the type of leave and tick the box if the leave is paid or not. 

The "Make Public" option should be checked if you want the leave type to be identified in calendar feeds or Slack channels. If the leave type is not public, other employees won't know why a person is on leave.

Once you have created the type of leave, you can customise the colour which will be used on the Dashboard and reports.

Main Holiday

There is a special type of leave type called "Main Holiday". When an absence is booked in this category, the employee's holiday entitlement will be reduced accordingly.

Inactive Leave Types

It is not possible to delete a leave type as it causes issues with historical records. ËśMarking a leave type as inactive will disable that type. It will still appear in reports but employees will not be able to choose that when booking future leave

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