screenshot showing locations

Locations allow you to organise your employees for the purposes of reporting and applying Leave Policies.

Your first location is set automatically when you create your account, based on the IP address you are using. This may or may not be accurate based on the limitations of current technology and whether or not you are using a VPN. In any event, you can completely edit the location details.

When creating or editing a Location, there are three things to be aware of:

  1. Normal Working Days: For each location, you can define the normal working days (this can be overridden at an employee level) and each new employee created and assigned to that location will have those working days applied.
  2. Leave Policy: Ensure you correctly identify the leave policy that should be applied to the location.
  3. Labelling: By default, the location is displayed as the city name and country but you can assign a label instead. This might be important for fully remote teams where organising by location makes less sense.
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